Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Credibility comes from the past

In many posts I have made note of how history gets in the way of peace. Often I use the Palestine/Israeli war as an example of how history blurrs the progress of peace. So here we are having to listen to certain leaders talking about standing up for law and citizens in Syria yet wanting to bomb the very same people. The invasion of Iraq is and was just as deplorable as using chemical weapons in Syria. Thus the credibility of those who invaded Iraq must hold themselves to the same standard as they hold Syria. In that light we must ask where is the consequences for those that invaded Iraq? Now the political option for solving Syria is ever present. What is missing is the diligent work to be done behind the cameras. A two or four hour meeting with high level representatives will not solve the Syrian war. The onbly way Syria will return to peace is a group of people that are focused on the return of peace order and good governance to Syria. At the moment it is just an adhoc group with no clear leadership or direction. The permanent members of the United Nations Security Council will always play cold war childish games. This leaves the ngo community and middle power countries to step up. The situation in Syria is of such concern that the G20 meeting was derailed because of it. We were to get some agreements on dollar valuation, global economic policy to deal with coruption and tax evasion. Very little of this was accomplished at the the recent G20. It seems as though the world is drifting aimlessly and there is no one on the horizon that seems capable of leading. All we can do is just keep working away at peace, somehow we will get there. It just seems a very long and difficult road.

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