Monday, September 2, 2013

Syrian Solution

The situation in Syria was allowed to happen. The illegal weaponisation of the rebels along with the poor control of the borders are issues that should have been locked down two years ago. Here we are today wasting energy on debating whether or not a military strike should be allowed. The single largest effort to resolve this issue should be the complete control of weapons going into Syria – there should be a complete halt on all weapons going into Syria immediately. Pointing fingers, blaming and seeking out who is responsible for the gas attack needs to stop. There is not one country that is blame free. This is our world and we allowed Syria to destroy itself because we did not have the courage to do what we all know had to be done. Still we are arguing over how to resolve the situation. Enough blood has been shed. Lock down the borders and take every piece of weaponry possible. Also the current government has to be supported. Even though the current government is far from perfect they are legally in charge. Due to that, any foreign troops that do enter Syria must acknowledge and support the laws and current structure of Syria. What is so frustrating is that we all know this is the way to go but it will never happen. There are too many gutless leaders calling the shots. The current set of leaders are hell bent on power grabs, cold war ideology, one up-manship and childish warmongering to make the deweaponisation plan work. Why must we always kill each other to obtain peace? That is such an oxymoron and yet it is the primary method of bring peace. Put in the extreme trade barriers of not one more weapon and lock down the borders so tight that even a mouse gets questioned. Oh wait, that solution is too expensive. We would rather spend a trillion dollars on weapons and kill people. We have wasted two years for no reason at all. With each passing day the situation grows worse and more difficult to solve. Already hundreds of thousands of children have spent the majority of their lives in refugee camps. Cultures are dying, communities are destroyed, families torn apart, history is lost and what little connection to a peaceful Syria these children had is now replaced with hate, misinformation and a destabilized understanding of the world. Why, because the leaders of the world have acted childish and irresponsible.As bad as it is these leaders still will not do what is necessary. Lock down the country and take every weapon out, only then can discussions/elections and rule of law be established. Of course it will take an enormous amount of courage and effort but no more than what it took to bring peace to Iraq or Afghanistan. Oh wait both of those were failures.

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