Monday, February 24, 2014


For those who thought the Cold War was over has just been given another lesson in global politics. Ideological wars never end and the Cold War is an ideological war. At the heart of the situation within politics such as we are experiencing in Ukraine is exactly the same as what has and is taking place in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Baharain, etc… The situation deals with corruption within government and a complete lack of trust for those who rule. The people are divided and the poor leadership of both civilians and government has brought chaos and violence to another capital city. The international community is playing chess with the people of Ukraine. The two sides are the cold war rivals and the tug of war is on. What is the peaceful way to solve this situation? The two sides need to have a meeting and work together. The European Union, Russia are the biggest players who must set out a unified plan. This plan must look at securing the peace within Ukraine. A joint effort of support from both sides to bring the violence to an end. This may include foreign soldiers to intervene or it may be a statement of non-interference of outside forces. The non-interference is most likely the method taken. From there, a massive effort to talk with the people about the future course of Ukraine needs to take place. This step must be without interference of outside forces. Of course such a dream is rarely ever realized. However the effort must be made. The people of Ukraine must be allowed to speak for themselves. This is their future, no one elses, let them decide. Political and economic agreements must be made that will benefit people not the ideological tug of war that the cold war is rooted in. Ukraine needs a unified focus for the future. At the moment the people are divided and broken. The international community can repair a great deal of the damage by working together and offering agreements that benefit the people. We must remember that a diverse economy is better than a monopolic economy. In such a Ukraine both Russia and the European Union can offer economic packages that sustain trade, jobs, people, culture and relationships. Here we are on the edge of another collapse. The international community can do the right thing and work together or do what it has done most often, which is pick sides and fight.

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