Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ukraine and who will lead the next society.

Revolutions are very much about the explosion of emotions. Until the actions of revolt are taken there is a great degree of repressed emotions. The general social mindset is one of fear and containment. These feelings are psychological jails for society and without proper avenues to vent, we get exactly what we have in Ukraine. We must realize that the people will act with very little rationale. In such times the emotions of repressed feelings explode. As we read, hear and watch the reports about the situation in Ukraine there is the question of what needs to be done to quell violence, to stop a power vacuum, to insert a legitimate government and bring order to the chaos. All these tasks are very difficult in times of chaos. The people need to vent. The challenge is to have that need met in an environment where no one else is harmed. The political discussion about who will lead what groups, who is to be at the negotiation table, who is to provide security (police) when that trust has all but vanished and then how to resolve the past damages are topics to focus on. At the moment there is no neutral party which can intervene because the East and West major players are heavily involved. This is not a new issue and the hurdles of politics make the challenges even more rooted in geopolitical history. The people in some parts of Ukraine are pulling down the statues of the past while other people are disgusted with such irrational acts. The very history of Ukraine is being put into question. There are deep sentiments that Moscow preserved itself on the backs of Ukraine throughout history. Such an understanding has been passed down through the ages which has been displayed in the revolution. Add to this the fact that the revolution has been burning for many years now. The architect of revolution began in the 1950’s and took physical shape with the 1989 reunification of Germany. The current situation in Ukraine is an extension of that transformation Russia embarked upon with Gorbachev. Here we sit today looking at another wave of protest that has spiraled out of control. The strong desire to hold on to power, control and influence is at the forefront of the revolution. We will see this battle take place with those that are placing themselves in line to be the next leader. This is the power vacuum/grab which is very much the danger that needs to be dealt with. Despite the geopolitical and historical battle, the real battle will be the fight for who will lead next.

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