Monday, March 3, 2014

Cold War ideology/ nothing new, just a different spot.

The cold war stand off is in high gear with Ukraine now being another battle ground. In addition to the situation in Syria, Ukraine has the potential to follow a similar path into chaos. There is one major difference between Syria and Ukraine. That difference is that parts of Ukraine are legally autonomous, which has a right to ask for Russia to protect the area of Crimea and that ask was made. So here we are with a crumbling state of Ukraine broken up along lines that were very loose to begin with. The international community staking high claims of consequences due to Russian involvement while forgetting that those who are now heaping scorn upon Russia are guilty of worse actions within Syria and Iraq. This is the hypocrisy of leadership that must stop if peace is ever going to take hold. At some point the leaders must stop being the idiots of the world. They (the leaders) will never stop as long as the people support such idiocy. This is why every individual is so important to the world reaching the goal of peace. We must demand better leadership. Tell those that stand up for public office to stop the hypocrisy, stop the bloodshed and stop the rhetoric of war, violence, suppression and segregation. We deserve better leadership than we have been getting these past two decades. Russia took a major step forward with the dismantling of the USSR. Knowing that such corrupt politics is not sustainable the people moved forward. The rest of the world stayed behind. That inaction has lead Russia to fall back into the comfort spot of the Cold War ideology. There was a great chance to grab onto peace yet the people (each of us) and the leaders who succeeded the 1989 – 1991 world have failed. Again we have a chance to work together and bring the Middle East into a peaceful era. We failed as we fell back on cold war ideology, knowing it does not work. Now we have Ukraine and again we are failing because of faulty ideology. Sadly the truth is that we have the intelligence to move past such idiocy, we just do not have the courage to do so. Such a world is unknown, new and therefor feared. We know what to expect with the divisions of yesterday but, we need the reality of peace that is tomorrow to take roots somewhere. Ukraine could have been that place where peace began but poor leadership has brought us back to 1945 politics and the Yalta conference. All we can expect now is another five to ten year war in Ukraine. Thousand will die, very little will change except the size of cemeteries and still we will seek out a peaceful world. Why do we always wait for the killing to start before we try to stop such violence?

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