Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ukraine - Peace or war

World leaders need to go back to elementary school understand how poorly they handle breakdowns in peace. The permanent five members of United Nations Security Council need to be fired and a new system put in place within the United Nations security department. For far too long we have had to endure the slowly rotting situations in the Middle East, Ukraine, Afghanistan, East Africa, South China Sea, and Latin America. Basically the entire world has taken a huge hit due to mismanagement. Still I wonder how the world allowed the complete destruction of Iraq to take place with very little consequences for those that performed the illegal act of invasion. Again, I wonder how the world allowed a massive fraud scheme to cripple the global economics with hardly anyone being held accountable. Today we hear leaders act with concern as they speak about the violence in Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine has been boiling for many years and we have to ask, who was minding the situation as it was eroding? The question I ask is why do we wait for violence to take over before we seek partnerships to help solve such issues? Such a strategy of wait and see has failed us enough to know that it can no longer be an option. The protests in Ukraine were indications and calls for support from partners. Russia, European Union and others should have started talks months ago to ensure peace. The same should have been done in Syria. However we are dealing with weak leadership when peacebuilding is concerned. Due to the poor international management, we are left with old ideology and methods of conflict resolution. These tactics leads to a destroyed society, power vacuums, strained relations and short term solutions. As the short term solutions are put in place there will be those that will cling to such agreements for years and decades to come, thus creating long term problems. Managing peacebuilding is an art form that rarely is given the credit it deserves. What we have now are people who can speak about peace but have very little courage to implement their words. This is how we end up with tough talking politicians who do nothing or even worse do the wrong thing. Having the Ukraine military march without weapons and request the Russians to stand down was a brave act. Such a display of peace is what the works for the betterment of resolving a violent confrontation. Now it may look differently on television and the hawks will laugh at such a peaceful act but, those people are the ones responsible for the deaths and destruction of society. To change we as individuals have to change and request that our leaders change as well. Being peaceful is not an easy path.

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