Thursday, October 23, 2014

Islamic State fighters, war and the individual

Living in the region where Islamic State fighters has been fighting is a terrifying reality. Sadly that region is expanding and once again we are dealing with acts of terror across the world. The world is dealing with a group of people that are acting in complete contradiction to the values of their own religion. Each member makes the choice to kill others for the end purpose of peace. How do we deal with this situation? The history is well documented. We know the direct link of today with the crusades a thousand years ago. More recently we know the links between the Jasmine Revolution, Arab Spring, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine, Israel, Iran, and the illegal invasion of Iraq 2003. The history is there to see and with each step we have responded with bullets, violence and death. Within the Middle East the options are very limited due to the violence/war. In this case a military option with soldiers on the ground is what must take place. Peace has been lost and hatred has already won. There is no winner in the Middle East anymore. We have all lost because violence is too wide spread in peoples minds. Moving away from the epicenter of the ISIS combat zone, the tactics involve more conversations than bullets. At the base root, a persons joins such a gang as Islamic State because they are frustrated with the current situation. That person needs to gain control, needs to gather some support, needs to give their voice to change and that need has come in the form of violence. At this point a person may be too far along the decision of being a violent person to. However the need to talk is more important than ever. The singular item we are dealing with is hatred. A person is taught to hate another. Teaching is done through discussions and reinforced with actions. Teaching peace is similar and teaching peace or hatred is the front lines of this war. Are you teaching peace or hatred? A peaceful teacher understands that discussion is constantly needed, never ending. A peaceful person never needs to be feared. If the tactics the individual engages in has an ideology of bringing fear, that is rooted in a violent ideology which leads to war. Are your actions that which bring fear to another? The person that acts with fear is a person that is already defeated within their own mind. That mindset can not be fought with bullets. A discussion with that person is the only way to bring peace back to that person. Using violence only reinforces the mindset of fear. That reinforcement brings escalation of violence, more need for fear and a larger group of people to fight the fearful situation manifested within the mind. Peaceful society begins within the mind of each of us. We must bring peace to the mind first and lead peacefully within our circle. No one should fear your actions because a peaceful person is open to finding agreeable solutions, understandings and a path forward. Violence has only one solution which ends with everyone dead.

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