Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bowing to our Fears

With each international summit there is always the question of where are we going? Each leader will give a prepared speech which is summed up in one word – PEACE. The complexity begins in that not everyone agrees on how to get there or if it is even possible. Many times the argument falls apart with answers being too simple or too complex. In reality simplicity is needed in order to get through the complexity. There are a great many options for us to understand as we seek to obtain peace. For example we have the recent crisis with ebola, Syria still has the world’s attention as does, Iraq, Ukraine and the entanglement of global spying scandals. The most deplorable acts we engage in is the trafficking of ourselves – human trafficking, slavery, prostitution of both mind and body. Most of these elements have taken place due to fear with the exception of illness and even that has been questioned to some point. There is very little we can do to prevent every outbreak of illness. What we can control is the fear element. Fear begins with the decision to not trust others. To a certain extent we must be understanding of insane actions. These actions are also unpredictable, hence the term insanity. So here we are with the understanding that a sane person is not to be feared. This should be true since a sane person, in theory listens, understands and has a balanced mind toward peace. However in reality many actions taken by world leaders do not hold up to a peaceful reasonable line of thought. This is when fear takes hold, distrust sets in and we have spies, wars, scandals and corruption. Being peaceful is not easy yet it is what is needed in the face of fear. I guess this attitude delves into the realm of a person spirituality as well. What does it take for a person to be peaceful? To live without fear of the those who seek to traffick, enslave, harm and corrupt takes great courage. This is where the inner peace of each person and spirituality mix. We must carry a spirit of peace and let us not get tangled into fear based religion. Spirituality is not a complete match to religion. Spirituality is what a person has as a core rationale of why they act the way the do. To have a spirit of peace is what a sane person would rely upon in times of fear. This is what the world is in deep need of. The courage to understand, reason and love the differences of each other without the threat of harm. The constant mix of religion, politics, patriotism and other forms of spirit have rooted themselves in fear. This fear brings harm to those who object to our reasoning. This fear base eroded the reality of peace we should have across the world. The elements of fear have been used to bolster our spirit in patriotism, religion and politics. Take away these boisterous mouths that spew fear and what are we left with? The answer currently is only a guess as we have not tried such a method yet on a global scale. All we have are the individuals who have obtained such a state. At times we have even killed those people out of fear. We are trying to reach a peaceful state yet we keep bowing to our fears.

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