Sunday, August 16, 2015

Canada in the World

Being Canadian, it has been very embarrassing to see the current Prime Minister (stephen harper) work to destroy any credibility we had on the international stage. At a time when the world needs a solid peacemaker, Canada has been able to foster such supports. With our the current Prime Minister that ability is non-existent. For example, our own military reported the dangers of entering in the Libyan conflict. The report made note of the possibility that Libya would fall into a failed state unless a strong ground force was provided. Despite this forewarning, Canada bombed Libya and chaos ensued. The same situation has taken place in regards to Syria, Ukraine and Egypt. Canada is a small country yet the actions and credibility Canada has been known for carried a great amount of respect. Sadly we will never know what could have been if Canada was more engaged in peace processes and negotiations instead of being an antagonist. The world of diplomacy is a delicate balance which the Syrian conflict exemplifies. The Syrian war has no one side that can be supported fully other than to support peace. Syria is such a mess that often opponents are actually being supported by enemies. This situation is best defined by the actions and relationships of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest supports of ISIS. Canada is one of the largest suppliers of military hardware to Saudi Arabia. Canada is just beginning its involvement in Syria which means we will be fighting a enemy that is supported indirectly by us. If that is not bad enough, a similar situation has taken place in Libya and Ukraine. All I can hope for is that someday Canada regains its reputation on the international stage as peace makers. Under the current Prime Minister that hope is dead.

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