Sunday, September 6, 2015

Unity for a Syrain Peace

Doing what is right in hopes of solving middle east conflicts has been amplified this past week due to the refugee deaths. The popular question of how to solve the conflict coupled with finger pointing to heave blame on who started the conflict are fueling a wider circle of chaos. The only reality that needs to be noted is that the Syrian conflict was mishandled by everyone except Islamic State. How we got to this point is only valuable information if you are going to seek an unbiased view. Furthermore, solving the conflict will need an equally unbiased view of the current situation and future possibilities. To encourage such a state we must lean on the cliché – politics makes strange bedfellows. In such circumstances as Syria, we have Hobbes state of nature taking place. Life really is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short for every person trying to survive in Syria. On the global scale we have Russia and RUSA at odds with how to solve the conflict. This global conflict only makes matters worse. At this very moment we have a responsibility to protect both the individual that is currently living in the middle east and the entire world at the same time. There can be no doubt of the importance of the Syrian conflict if it spreads. We have allowed it to spread far enough due to mismanagement, old childish global squabbles and ignorance of peaceful tactics. Countries that deem themselves too small to have an impact are vital to the solution. Having such countries at the table can speak as a collective. This was known as smart power or soft power during the 1990’s. Regional powers and of course the United Nations are vital to the process. There must be a singular global tactic taken because without out a singular front we are all in danger of failing. Sadly there will be the questions of motives as to why any country will become involved. Even more disappointing is that some will be motivated by selfish ideology. Even though such a reality is going to happen we must take the steps with a questioning heart. Rest assured that setbacks will take place for the simple reason that we are dealing with people. That is how we got into this mess in the first place. One of the first steps to take is the letting go of who is to sit at the table for peace talks. Assad is the leader of Syria. Whether we like it or not that is the reality. Assad must be voted out, not assassinated or forced out by other similar external means. The Syrian people must have every opportunity to speak their collective mind to vote for or against Assad. In truth we must all realize that the people will vote against Assad. Even Assad must understand that by now. The complete collapse happened with him in power so why would anyone (even himself) want to have him return. Until the vote can take place we must include Assad in the peace negotiations. Those that will not allow him to be apart of the process have little to no understanding of a peaceful transition. In such cases you have to engage with the people that are there. You have to engage with the people that made the mess and the people that are working to clean up the mess. Furthermore, you have to respect internal constitutional laws. Respecting the internal laws will allow for the continuity of culture, provide a framework of succession and give the people a chance to progress under familiar circumstances. Of course this progress is done so under tight security provided by the agreed international methods – whatever they are to be. Knowing that talking, dwelling over the past mistakes is of little help, peace processes are more difficult to manage and endure than chaotic wars as Syria is. The reason that peace is more difficult to manage is that each of us has to let go of the emotional satisfaction of quick redemption. Case in point Iraq invasion of 2003 was an emotional response. That response has provided us with the chaos we are currently in now. Had the world taken the difficult path of peace then -?????

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