Monday, September 28, 2015

Peace is an act of great personal strength and working together

The 70th session of the United Nations kicks off today. The largest topic was the meeting between Russia and RUSA (Putin and Obama). Both understand the need to battle terrorism yet the understanding stops with dealing with the President of Syria – Assad. As mentioned in a previous article, when trying to end a war you have to work with those that are involved. There is no choosing who you must deal with in such situations. If you think you can choose who is to be at the negotiation table you risk missing the solution, making matters worse and/or prolonging the war. This is the exact situation we have experienced with Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other areas of conflict. The lack of communication in the realm of peace has caused further damage and larger issues for the entire world. One of many reasons that the Syrian conflict is escalating rest with Russia and RUSA not finding a way to work together. We have seen the divergent ideology in each others speeches at the United Nations today. In peace there is a rather huge part of courage that is rarely understood. The part is to stand up and do what you are not use to doing. In the case of many of the conflicts around the world the stumbling point has been the unwillingness of the major powers to work together.

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