Saturday, October 3, 2015

Syrain solution

Both Russia and Republic of USA (RUSA) agree to co-command the military operations with the single goal to completely lock down the borders of Syria. Both will not have to put one soldier on the ground. The soldiers/fighters currently on the ground will have the opportunity to hammer out an alliance agreement with a designated UN force command. Also as always a UN force can be made up through a UN peacemaking order from the Security Council. The Assad question is settled with the fact that an election will be held two years after there is a stable and hopefully peaceful society. What a stable society looks like is when people can open cafes, community markets, children can return to school, homes are being rebuilt although there still maybe a few acts of terrorism. The two years of stability will allow people to feel free enough to understand who is seeking election. During the two years the general society will be run somewhat of military ruling coalition of UN officials and Assad. How long will this take? That is always a question that can only be answered this way: War never ends. Peace is always in need of work. As to the end of violence, that will be when the death count falls to a level that is no longer frightening. Furthermore, the end of a violent conflict such as Syria can only be seen when people start to move back into their communities. Next the end is known when a group of school children can play in the streets, walk to school and we see children rest in parents arms because they are tired of playing not out of exhausting fear. When such a reality returns to every community, Syrians can transform to a society of peace instead of fear. After two years of such a reality, elections can be held.

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