Saturday, October 17, 2015

Syrian screams for peace dies with each bullet

Loudly chanting slogans of death, destruction along with the burning of flags and effigies are images of what hell is like. The screaming and gnashing of teeth, beating the war drums, using violence as a deterrent, supressing others to impose ideology/will are all experiences we have to look forward to in hell. In hell we will be the suppressed, we will be the screamers and gnashers of teeth. Our focus will be upon each other yet blindly and ultimately the focus is truly upon our own selves. This is the truth and reality of hell. Throughout the years of my work in peacebuilding the wisdom which has constantly come to light is that every protest a person makes, every change a person asks for is a reality which they themselves seek to change within their own mind/world. Such actions are quite masochistic and it is a form of self-acknowledgement to our problems. Sadly it is one of the most ignored symptoms/cries for peace each of us engage in. For example, compare what ISIS members scream and gnash their teeth about to their own actions? You can go down the list of every person, organization and country. Quickly it becomes obvious their actions relate to the subject of their screams and teeth gnashing. It truly is insane. This very moment in which each of us experiences/acts in this manner is living in hell. Understanding our own mind is paramount to peace. Take notice of the changes you most ask for. Take great comfort in the source of your anger. Such is your personal ISIS guide to peace. Difficult as it may be to acknowledge these cries for change, the effort to actually make the change is often the stopping point. Thus begins the cycle of screaming and gnashing of teeth. We lash out in anger to ease the pain of suffering our own minds endure. Eventually, the screaming and gnashing will turn to action if not understood and dealt with. The path to peace is evolution of mind. The evolution takes time and courage. How much of these elements is unknown until the change has completed. At the end is complete awareness of everything. Until then change is our life, anger a useful guide and our choice to embrace both will determine how peaceful each of us are. In the broadest context of Syria what does the above mean? At the outset of the conflict in Syria there was at least three competing methods to a singular goal. The singular goal is and was a peaceful society. The three methods were evident in the actions of the people, the actions of the government and the actions of the rebels. The people acted with peaceful demonstrations. The government and the rebels acted with violence. On the outside/rest of the world, the actions were almost nothing but talk. The simple math shows that two players acted violently, one did nothing and the other player could only take cover as the bullets and bombs slowly increased. In comparison we can look at what happened in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia which all had similar experiences of massive public demonstrations. What was different in Egypt than in Syria? The difference is the mindset of the people to know that peace is worth standing up for. That evolution of mind takes place within the leaders at the request of the people. This simple equation is why Libya fell apart, why Syria fell apart, why Yemen fell apart and why the world leaders failed to stop those countries from falling apart. The leaders of the world listened to the screams and gnashing of teeth. Then they acted in the same manner. The leaders could have listened to the peaceful calls but they got caught up in a learned mindset of violence.

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