Thursday, September 10, 2015

Management of peace (savagery)

During the past four years we have witnessed the collapse of Syria. Sadly this was a situation that could have been avoided if we (the world leaders) had acted with peaceful respect. That was not the case and now we must endure the pain of war. Equally as disheartening as the loss of life is the sudden loss of memory the entire world has concerning how we got to this point. Both Russia and RUSA have countered each others peace plans. Such action has stalled any hope of a quick solution to the war. Added to the stalling of action was the and still is the finger pointing of who to blame for the chaos. To be very blunt, the government of Syria was partly to blame for the civil war. At least half the blame goes to the parties such as Islamic State and those that provided the weapons to wage civil war to the rebel groups. Even though the past can not be change and such finger pointing accomplishes nothing, we must acknowledge that the government of Syria was not the only factor in destabilizing the country. Where do we go from here? The game plan that needs to be used is the exact game plan that Islamic State used to destabilize the country. This game plan is the book known as the Management of Savagery. There is no time line, no set course of action, no clear operative measurable goals and clearly there is no one chain of command. We use that management system for peace instead of chaos. For that to happen we will need both Russia and the RUSA to put aside the childish rhetoric and start working together. Next we need a strong international support network to encircle the area. From there we have to be completely resolved in this war. The Islamic State as we all should understand now, is very far from what Islam stands for. This war in Syria has very little to do with religion and everything to do with power being grabbed by a group of lost souls. Will the world have enough courage to pull together? With the recent escalation of Russia there seems to be a greater hope of a quicker end. If we can get past some of the finger pointing and second guessing we may see a major shift in the world of peace.

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