Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Borders, culture, control and identity

If you have ever read my About Me side bar, thank you. Truly though, that side bar explains how connected I see everything in this world is. At the moment we have Britain leaving the European Union while the entire continent of Africa is seeking a single passport system. We also have an old rivalry heating up between Russia and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Further to these evolving dynamics we have the emergence of the Asian Development Bank and the Trans Pacific Partnership. In each of the above elements, there are global impacts which will have consequences for many individuals. It is the task of each individual to remain at peace during difficultly. These conflicting times really test our resolve to be peaceful. I think we have come to a point where we understand that war, violence, killing each other solves very little. Now at the same time I understand that insanity is a large factor of life and someone will act with deadly force. An example is Daesh (ISIS) and we must also note that every country has episodes of insanity. For example the Iraq war, Ukraine, Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo and other civil wars should have all been avoided. Sadly they could have been avoided. Today, we must see the wisdom of peace. We must understand the large dynamics of global peace within the smaller elements of life, whatever realm we work within. No country will go without having some impact of Britain leaving the European Union just as no country has gone without being impacted by the Syrian war. Peace is very much about managing todays upheavals in context of tomorrow relational needs. This is where all the wisdom quotes, clich├ęs, axioms and catch phrases come into play. However, what is needed is for us to actually act in the manner of those wise words. For those words to take hold we must understand why we need to act in such a manner. To answer the why question, the largest question that is before us is – What are we building. We are building, cultures, identity, homes and doing so within a set boundary. Each of us will have a different goal and path that will intertwine with everyone, thus conflict. Due to this natural occurrence we must control ourselves as we cross boundaries and culture. These are the experiments of life each of us engage in, whether we like it or not.

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