Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What you want, need and have to do

Being at peace is understanding the differences of doing what you want, doing what you have to and doing what is needed. There are people such as those who fill the ranks of Daesh. These people will take every advantage to gain power over others. That is what they want to do. They do not need to and they certainly do not have to yet they are. The cost of these people wreaking havoc is bringing the entire world into fear. Again there are the option of wanting to fear, having to fear and needing to fear. We live with uncertainty every day and terrorism ads to the list of fears. However we also know that the best way to counter the actions of Daesh is to have a strong, supportive, loving and friendly community. It starts with saying hello to your neighbours, building relationships and allowing for unsettling times to be dealt with in a calm manner. In the world of politics we often get people who spit facts, history, rights, laws, morals and orders all to defend or justify their actions. Well this is the exact tactic being used by Daesh in their management of savagery guide book. There is no room for the other person in the plan, no diversity, no flexibility and certainly the end result is no peace. The war of power and influence is part of the experience we live in. At the moment we have pending wars in the South China Sea, A resurgence of the Cold War and it looks as though the Crusades have sparked up again. Why? What do we have to learn about killing each other that we have not already learned? We have proven that the best countries in the world to live are those that are the most peaceful. The most desired communities are those that have friendly, supportive, peaceful neighbours. Yet there are those that still want, need and have to wage war.

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