Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ego, power, peace and change

Being comforatble with chaos is how many people are dealing with today as the Republic of the United States elects a polarizing person to the office of president. The chaos of the unknown is not that scary. We have a very deep knowlege of the personality type and that is Machiavellian ideology, alive and well. It is not so much the desire to succeed, be better than, desire to control or the fear of elites but the hatred, anger, vengence, destruction of others, stepping on others and segratory ideology for personal/monetary gain that is troubling. Here we are with this reality. We can be shocked and dismayed but we will still have to find ways to work together. With that, perhaps there are opportunities to improve trade agreements and to improve relations. We may have doubts but that should not stop us from fingding those improvements. What we are faced with is the task for those that have stood up and barked about how great/smart and accomplished they are in politics. If those people are as skilled as they say they are, we have no cause for panic. There was already an enourmous amount of work to do and still needs to be done. Each of us has our own work to focus on to bring peace to our world. What matters most is how each of us face the tasks of peace. Leaders will change but what will always be the most important factor is the individuals desire to bring peace to themselves and others. Each of us will need methods to vent our emotions, what ever those emotions are. That will never change. If you do not trust in yourself to be peaceful then you will not have a positive peaceful impact on the world. As I have often stated, anger and acts of aggression of an individual are more about that individuals desires to change but have not or believes they can not change. With Donald Trump we have a vast data bank of his work and words where he vents. That data tells us where he, himself wants to change. Whether he will or can is up to him but we do know where his concerns are and how to work with those concerns. Unless he is insane, then all bets are off and we must insulate him as best we can to contain the harm.

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