Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What world are we building?

The reason we had to invent governments was to organize society to accomplish large scale tasks of common good. As we/society progressed we had to deal with individuals that operated against the common good. These untrustworthy people are a major factor why we had to invent systems for public discourse. These systems are widely known as the judicial system – laws, courts, police, jail, lawyers, etc… Having these systems are good but, it really does cause me some misery as I think the lack of trust we, encourage and carry towards each other. The lack of trust is best viewed in the phrase, it is unethical but it is legal. This is Niccolo Machiavelli theory in its simplest format which is defined as cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics or in advancing one's career. As we use game theory practices we understand that such a system will eventually erode and kill itself. However these practises are still widely used, supported and accepted. This is why we have phrases such as: Read the fine print, get it in writing, they will twist your words, perception is reality and other such terminology. How do we stop such behaviour? As difficult as it is, it has to start with each and everyone of us. Yes that does mean you will be taken advantage of as we set out to enact change. Sadly I have to acknowledge that there will be very few of us willing to take that course of action. So we will slowly slide into the untrusting hell of small print, twisted words, perceptions of peace and personal gain at the expense of all others. What world are we building where we support the efforts of taking advantage of others because we can for personal gain? Utopian ideology, it certainly is. However, there is not a single person who would say no to such a reality and everyone would say no to the world of untrusting small print, get it writing, word twisting scavengers. Oh wait we are saying yes to the untrusting small print, get it writing, word twisting scavengers. What a world we are building.

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