Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Middle East Hypocrisy

The reality of the world has its share of moments that are just unavoidable such as earthquakes. Then there are moments where hypocrisy creates untold damage and blame is thrown around. In the past few days we have seen such hypocrisy.
Within the past few days the United Nations General Assembly has voted on the status recognition of Palestine. Another vote that was taken within the United Nations system is the observance of nuclear facilities within Israel. In both circumstances Israel has voted against. To my shame so has Canada. The hypocrisy of such actions is that both (Israel and Canada) have fought very hard for freedom of self expression as well as for other states to have nuclear facilities observed. The hypocrisy of voting no against either of those is just being blind to reality and perhaps being completely stupid.
For a peaceful world to exist we must be willing to accept conditions of ourselves that we ask others to accept. Sadly, as a global society, we are far away from that reality. I know we live in a world where might makes right and our leaders live by the phrase, “do as I say not as I do”. For a person that works towards a peaceful society, those two beliefs are foundations for understanding a great deal of the violence that exists.
We witness the hypocrisy daily as people pray for peace and then commit acts of extreme violence. Such actions are examples of insanity. How do you reason with a person that will stand up and state with great conviction that they are a peaceful person, only to see that very person killing another a few hours later? This is exactly what the world deals with and everyone reading this understands that is true.
Here we are today. If there is no one shocked at the views of the individuals speaking for Canada, they should at least be utterly disappointed. These views are not Canadian they are one persons singular hijacking of the peaceful culture that Canada has so bravely built. Such actions has only added more hypocrisy and chaos to the world.  
However, such hypocrisy is also held within many of the countries around the world. There are very few people that would rather live in chaotic, violent and uncertain situations than live in peace. Here we stand today seeking ways to eliminate nuclear weapons, spread equality, end violent conflict and bring the certainty of peace to children. At the same time we continue to build nuclear weapons and rattle our sabres in threat of violence.
The saving grace is that those that voted for both were of such great numbers that peace was given a very large boost. The world has spoken. Now will it act with similar conviction?

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