Saturday, December 1, 2012

Statehood for Palestine

Palestine is one more step further along the road to full statehood.
The history of the Middle East is one that is filled with broken promises. That is the single reason why the acts of the past must be let go, not forgotten but let go. Everyone in this region has incurred great damage, lies, deceit and blatant violent hatred.
The state of Palestine is not an evil empire any more than Israel is. The evil comes from the people which are taught to hate, not the state itself. We have to understand that a government does not really exist. It is this simple, a state does not exist if the people do not. So to say the Palestine is an evil empire is in reality not possible because Palestine is made up just like every other country we invent. With that if the people change so will the government. So to say the Palestine does not deserve to be recognized as a state because of its ideology is absurd. Perhaps this understanding is too simplistic for most but the reality remains. The people are the government and people will and do change.
We have been living with chaos in the Middle East for centuries and enough is enough. To be honest I really do not care who fired what rocket or who lied to whom.  The fact is that there has been no resolution to the idiocy that has gripped the Middle East and we must seek other options. Recognizing Palestine is a step that is long over due.
We often forget that boundaries, cultures, people and realities change. In forty years we have the opportunity to look back and see this step as the force which brought peace. I hope that is the reality in forty years. As I look around at the leadership of the current world, I have serious doubts. There is a deep distrust today because no one has taken the bold steps towards peace. Let this step be that motivator of peace, not further violence and war.
The violence and distrust that exists in the Middle East is easily understood. Basically there is a great level of insanity within the leadership of the entire region. How else can you make sense of why people choose to live within such chaos? This is what people are not understanding, the situation in the Middle East has come about due to choice. The choice has been to live in a violent, chaotic and peaceless environment, why?
I can hear the answer loudly stated as this. “Because they can not be trusted! They do not want peace! They have never honoured any peace agreement!”
You just have to step back and see how the blaming of others is a zero sum strategy. It solves nothing and only continues a cycle of aggravation as those that are being blamed respond by justification of their actions. We have been witnessing this very reality in the Middle East for centuries now.
The “Two State Solution” is one more step towards completion. How long it will take or even if it happens is only guess right now. Recognizing Palestine as a state is a path that needs to be tried.

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