Saturday, December 15, 2012

ramble of peace

As each year closes out we like to look back and see what has transpired. Such an exercise should help us improve on our methods to bring peace to the world. In the grand picture there is a great deal more certainty in the world than there has been in some time. Even with that grand picture there are areas we have much work to focus on.
There is no way to know what will be the point where a person decides to kill someone else unless you are the person making the decision.  If you are not that person, all you can do is be aware of those around you. At some point we must acknowledge that everyone (you and me) has a responsibility to ensure a peaceful world. No leader can massacre thousands of people without the assistance of others. That leader can be a warlord, president, gang leader, terrorist or whatever label a person gives themself.
Each person that engages in violent actions has gone through some sort of metamorphosis. This change/transformation is education. That education is provided by the daily interactions with the people in which each of us live our lives. So when a single person acts in a violent way we must look at how the larger society has influenced that single person. That understanding is supported by the widely held philosophy which states; it takes a community to raise a child. Furthermore, it takes a community to ensure a peaceful environment as well.
Each one of us is unique. There are no two people alike. There are no two countries alike either. What there is though is commonalities each of us share. We can equate the actions of the individual with the actions of their government. This is a reality because no government can act without the consent of the people. Due to this there will be times when the individual will act exactly as the government. If the government is brutal, it is because there will be those that must act in a similar manner. How else does a government act brutally if not through its agents? The same goes for the community, family, gangs, corporations or any other group of people.
I keep telling myself that everyone acts in a manner that they feel is best to ensure a peaceful society. It is my responsibility to understand how someone can believe that a violent act is the best option they have. On the international stage how is the situation in Syria the best option for peace?
On the surface it seems like a proxy war. Some call it a civil war while others call it an international conflict. In my opinion Syria is first class lie/screw up. The best option for peace is for each person that reads this to demand better leadership. We must have the courage to stand up to the hawks and tell them might is not right. We must seek to have as many weapons as possible controlled more effectively. Further more we must educate about peace. We have to prepare to be peaceful because in moment s of chaos there is very few that can act with a calm and peaceful attitude.
Peace education in our schools is something that can no longer be an afterthought. Peace education needs to be a focus. Community building and understanding that it takes a community to ensure peace is needed.  

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