Thursday, February 7, 2013

Religion, politics and violence

Religion and politics, the two are the same. They both deal with ideology, organization of self and society. Every country deals with the balance of what god will be the focus of political leaders. A major concern is the terrible reputation both have due to the actions of so many idiots.

For example the assasination of
Chokri Belaid, a leader of a Tunisian opposition alliance. It appears that he was killed because he was critical of violence in his society.

Almost every country that transitions through violent uprisings such as the Jasmine Revolution and the Arab Spring experience assasinations. It is almost a guarantee. What is lost in the minds of those that carried out such violence is that revolutions are started to end such actions by leaders. Religion/god did not tell the criminal to kill, that order came from a person.

Going a step further into violence, religion and politics there is Israel and Palestine. The Jewish religion is not the problem in this region. The problem is the murderous minds of those that act with violence. Such people only create problems for those that are peaceful, as most people are.

Of course there is a strong desire to segregate, label and identify people. I understand the benefits of such tactics but it is over used. Often the violence is shrouded in religion yet stands upon greed, power, revenge, hatred and insanity. These are the real enemies.

Religion should be an ally of peace not an enemy. Those that use religion as a foundation to support acts of violence are fanatical. Such people have lost all hope for a peaceful reality. They have come to the point where no other options are left in their intellect. What remains is the Hobbs state of nature, might makes right.

Hobbs state of nature exist in every war zone such as Syria and can quickly manifest in Tunisia. Such a state has very little to do with religion and everything to do with the weakness of mind. Those that believe their religion is the only path to greatness are ignorant of the joys which variety provides.

Each one of us has a personal path that is different than eveyone elses. There are similarities which cross over and these are the components of culture and group identity. From there we have built religions, political groupings and many other labels.

The end result is that each one of us has their own path. I just wish that those who kill would stop blaming god for supporting such actions. Take responsibility for your actions and balme yourself for the lack of intellect to see other options. Next time just shoot yourself in the head first and do all of us a huge favour. Life will be a great deal more fun when those who use such violence cease to act in such a manner.

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