Sunday, February 3, 2013

Syrian tragedy

The mess in Syria is about as insane as any such situation can be. Three years ago the country of Syria was vastly more peaceful than it is today. If there is anyone that would say life is better today than three years ago, well that person is completley insane. This is just inside the country.

Outside the country of Syria, many support the rebels with equipment, weapons, training, money and other forms of aid. In the base fact of international law such support is an illegal act in which the sovereignty of Syria is being broken. Further to that, the call for the destruction of a government such as in Syria is a borderline point of illegal rhetoric if spouted by other heads of state, such as Israel, RUSA, France and others. What is certainly and with out doubt an act of crime is exactly what Israel has just done - fire a missle across international lines without provocation.

The logic for firing the missle is said to be in protection of future harm that may be caused if chemical weapons were to fall into the wrong hands. Well lets trace the actions that allowed such a future to be possible.

Israel and Syria have been against eachother, if not outright enemies for sometime. When demonstrations took place in Syria to protests government the chance came to strike. Now the exact truth of what took place is a mystery as it pertains to who and how violence erupted at the outset. Niether side can be trusted and as usual both sides would have their faults.

The opposition forces had grown very strong very fast which only points to the aid of international organizations. We know for a fact that western powers have supplied the rebels. These rebels include Al-Qaida, the swarn enemies of western powers. So we have a situation where a sworn enemy is being supplied. This leaves us with the question:

What do you think happens when you supply your enemy? Well in my world, I would expect my enemy to laugh and then try to kill me. Furthermore I would suspect that I deserve to be treated as such for acting so stupid. Yet this is exactly what Israel is experiencing as they fire missles into Syria.

Israel is partly to blame for the weakening of security in the region. No such threat existed three years ago, well not the the extent that is does today. This is the insanity of the world. Some people make a huge mess and then cry foul when it gets beyond their control. The next part of the story is just as pitiful.

The powers that are suppose to ensure peace will do nothing to reprimand Israel. In fact The Republic of the United States supports Israel.

This entire situation is like causing a riot in a prison, arming the inmates, opening the doors and as the criminals wreak havoc, those that let them out complain about the destruction of peace. Well we would not be in this situation if the insane action that were supported in the first place never transpired.

In short it is your fault you opened pandora, you have done nothing but provoke further destruction of peace and really you should have seen the punch in the face coming. Crying about it now is an act of utter stupidity. The actions of western powers shows a complete lack of responsibility. The leadership must have suffered some kind of collective amnesia as to their support for the destruction of Syria as well as the past decade.

The worst part of all is that the ones to pay the price will be average people who only want to live a peaceful life

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