Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weaponizing Syria

A popular phrase states “turn around is fair play”.  The understanding of that phrase relates to reversing roles to make sense of a situation. In that frame of understanding reverse the roles of Syria and The Republic of the United States of America (RUSA). What would happen if Syria openly talked about supplying weapons to opposition groups inside RUSA?
The main goal for everyone is to build a peaceful world, at least that is how I see it. In most of the reports I have read, peace is the ultimate goal for Syria. Rarely has peace come about through the providing of more weapons. In truth every violent conflict starts and ends with talks. I understand the need for weapons because we have the insane actions of those that ensure violence takes place. The insane actions taking place in Syria has been the supply of weapons to all sides.
Had the world found the courage to enforce a weapons embargo at the outset Syria would not have incurred the physical, mental and social damage it has. Unfortunately the world acted with cowardice and violence followed.
Here we are today with the illegal acts of supplying weapons being openly discussed. Again the insanity of such discussion is counter productive to the entire peace process. Furthermore, such a position destroys the work all of us have done to build a world of equality, peace and justice. How can the RUSA ever stand up and talk about peace and be taken seriously? Their actions do not reflect those of a peaceful country and have not for many years.
With all of that insanity aside, Syria still has to be restored. The damage to the social fabric will become even more known as the violence subsides. In such a war, the social trust held amongst the average citizens will also be a casualty of war. How do we go about rebuilding that social trust amongst the people of Syria?
How do we rebuild the trust that the leaders of the world will do everything possible to ensure peace in the face of hypocrisy? On a global scale, this is the real enemy, not each other. On a personal level the battle is within each of us every day. If each of us can not act peacefully, how can the world be at peace?

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