Monday, March 12, 2012

Cut and Run in Syria, It will happen.

Having been in the hell of chaos, peace seems to be an easier way forward than war. But that is just my stupid opinion. The sad reality is some people will only adhere to violence. For a peaceful society to have longevity there must be a concerted effort on the part of every individual and the international community. No country can hold its own borders without the respect of peace. It is an absolute fact that Canada is peaceful because other countries around the world respect the sovereignty of Canada. This respect is true of every other peaceful country in the world.
At this very moment arming opposition forces in Syria is a focus of discussion within a certain group. These talks are with out a doubt an effort in conspiring to commit an illegal act. Syria is a sovereign country and any talks about arming the opposition is contrary to international law. Basically it is illegal to bring weapons into another country without consent from that government.
What if weapons are supplied? Well here are the examples of that exact situation and the exact outcome we can all expect. The international community has left Libya twisting in the breeze, has happened in Iraq, is happening in Afghanistan. Want more examples of weapon supplies, Vietnam, Sudan, El Salvador, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, DR Congo, Pakistan and many other places.
Ten years ago there was a common statement made very popular, “We will not cut and run.” Well in almost every example given above that is exactly what has happened. Each of the above examples are still dealing with the impacts of violent conflicts. Each has shared the front pages of the newspapers around the world crying for help to stop the war. These wars are still going on. The international community has “cut and run”.
In Libya, the situation is almost back to where it started. Armed groups are threatening to use violence, the governing authority has replied that any violence will be countered with violence. So begins the swirling cesspool of chaos. Perhaps more weapons will solve this problem too?
In Syria, if the group that is discussing the tactic of arming the opposition, actually does that very thing, we can expect the same situation of “cut and run” as is taking place in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. The way through the quagmire of Syria is to take the path which China and Russia have requested and voted down by the “Friends of Syria”.
That path is a high level meeting with the current government, secure the border from any weapons getting in, negotiate the use of aid organizations, continue with the political reforms that were supported in the 26 Feb referendum and allow the United Nations Observer Force in.  Finally the largest and most unlikely point that should be enforced – fire the entire Permanent Five Members of the United Nations Security Council.

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