Thursday, March 1, 2012

The insanity of international relations

The insanity of international relations has no limits. For example, Israel has made it clear to the entire world that it would attack Iran giving 15 minutes warning. This is just nuts because under international law Iran is now justified in doing the very same act to Israel in self defense. This scenario is a perfect example of why words, diplomacy, trust and international relations are very important.
The consequence of either country initiating an attack is truly unknown. No one has a clue as to what would transpire under such circumstances, other than all hell breaking loose. Due to that unknown we must take every measure possible to ensure neither country pursues those tactics.
This region of the world has been a powder keg of turmoil for centuries and it appears nothing will change for the next century. However with the proper care and unity this region could be a paradise of peace. Alas, at some level that reality of peace is not seen or wanted.
The same situation has taken place with the RUSA openly supporting illegal arms smuggling into Syria. Just turn the tables around and ask yourself, “What it Syria openly supported the supply of weapons to an opposition group inside the RUSA?” Furthermore the current government of the RUSA has openly supported the call for war crimes against the Syrian President. However their own former President is not held to such a standard for the illegal invasion of Iraq causing more death than we will ever know.
We have basic international laws that must be obeyed. We can not pick and choose which laws to obey and which laws to ignore. Well actually we can because we do, but we should not do such things. A wise society would not tolerate such childish actions.
The use of threats, supplying weapons and interventions are not easy topics nor are they clear. Humanitarian aid and the protection of people can bring extremely difficult issues. For example, the world would have been justified in the act of breaking sovereignty in Cambodia during the leadership of Khmer Rouge. But the United Nations Security Council never allowed such action. Similar example is the lack of support for Rwanda when the world could have stopped that genocide but decided to ignore it.
We have systems in place to deal with almost any situation that comes our way. It is not the United Nations failing, the failure rests squarely upon the members of the United Nations. Even more direct, the permanent five members(P5), (Russia, Republic of the United States, United Kingdom, France and China)  have let the world down.
The P5 need to work together and condem any and all acts such as the one Israel has uttered. Such a threat to tell the world that you will attack another country is in no way helpful to maintaining peace. Urging Israel to stand down is not enough, they must be told of consequences other than Iran retaliation and further endless war, death and possible complete destruction. The same goes for the RUSA and their open support of arming oppostion in Syria.
I know the world is insane but do we have to act so stupid?

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