Saturday, March 17, 2012

Neutrality in revolutions for the member states of United Nations

Dealing with war and violent conflict, as you know is no easy task. One reason for dealing with such situations rests in a personal connection to what is taking place. Perhaps you believe that one side has acted unjustly and should be punished. There is the possibility that you have a financial stake in the matter or some other interest. Whatever the reason, often we take sides in disputes. Taking sides is exactly what the world community is not supposed to do.
The chief concern for the world community is the safety and well being of the people. However we are not perfect and that neutrality is lost on many occasions. The neutrality of the world would be a great force if it were allowed to take hold. There is only one organization that holds neutrality as a top priority and that is the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). They have done so to a point where this neutrality has angered many. However, neutrality is what is needed to get most jobs done.
To be fair, I would have to say that the neutrality ends with acts that go against humanitarian laws. In the cases of Syria, Libya, Israel, Yemen, Afghanistan or any other violent conflict area the need to support the rule of law is starting point of any peacebuilding action. I do not see a Peacekeeping force as a threat to sovereignty but as a system to build up sovereignty. That is just me and what my interpretation of the United Nations Charter states.
Situations such as we have in many countries due to the Jasmine Revolution are perfect examples of where the international community can and should be a positive factor. However, in most cases the international community has rarely been a positive influence. Libya has been left twisting in the wind and everywhere else there is a huge fight about what to do.
Fighting about what to do while people are dying is a horrible situation to be in, even though I understand situations can always be worse. Being neutral is the only option in such situations. We have wasted a great deal of time by not talking with the governments of these countries. These talks need to be had to ensure that peace and order are maintained.
The infighting of the United Nations Security Council is as disgusting as any I have witnessed in the past ten years. I am deeply saddened by the actions of the member states who are abusing the system which ultimately tarnishes the United Nations. The United Nations can only do what the member states allow to be done.
At the moment the member states of the United Nations are too busy taking sides, asking for regime change, arming opposition forces, seeing what their best interests are and making sure not to get deeply involved.  When all they are supposed to do is be nuetral, stay out of the politics and just take care of the security and humanitarian side of things.

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