Friday, March 16, 2012

Differences in the world

Of late I have been reading stories that are asking why revolutions in Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria and Libya have all taken different courses.
Here are my reasons:
Each country has its own choice to deal with situations as they see fit
Each country has a different level of international attention on it
Each country is experiencing the same course just at different speeds

The third one on the list is half way to disagreement with what I have been reading. I really do not see an overarching difference in any of the revolutions. I see people standing up asking for changes and those people being ignored or shot for doing so.

Now jump on me for being too simplistic, while I jump all over you for being too complicated. This is the exact same thing that is going on with these revolutions. You say one thing I say another and then we decide to either solve the issue by trying to kill each other or work together on common ground to build a peaceful solution.  These are the choices – always present. Let us not forget that there is the element of insanity, which is the reason I give for the world being so complex in the first place. Even then the choice is still there to talk or shoot. Even shooting someone is a form of communication, albeit a one sided and dead end format.

These revolutions are a continuance of the conversation concerning the governance of society.  Any exercise in governance is an exercise in communication to obtain a clear vision of what the people want and need. This exercise requires dedication, tenacity, flexibility, understanding and we all hope intelligence on part of the people entrusted to carry out the duty of governance.

What about the religious part? Well that is an easy one if you ask one simple question, is either religion rooted in the ideology of a peaceful, nonviolent society? If the answer to that is no, you best prepare for the violent fight to continue for the rest of time because thought can not die. From that question point on, things start to get more complex due to individual choices.

Just as I like to see the world as simple and others view it as complex, such a viewpoint is a personal choice. Perhaps you are not comfortable with that reality, you believe I should change and you work to change me, are you really seeking to help me or dealing with your own issue of being uncomfortable?

I know the world is complex but you do not start to clean up a warzone with tweezers. Every mess you clean up begins with the simple task of clearing the largest obstruction there is. In the theatre of war that is a ceasefire and disarmament. Pick a day and stop shooting, turn in your weapons allow the international community to police the agreement so the conversation can take place.

Yes it can be that simple, unless you like to live in the hell of chaos and war.

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