Friday, January 27, 2012

Economic balance

As the world goes through the economic problems, there has been a call for a change in the capitalist style of economics. The 99% have been heard. Will that change happen?
To make a comparison, the United Nations has been working to change the way we fight, ballots not bullets. This change has slowly been taking root in the 67 years the UN has existed. How long will it take for us to change the economic system to one that is more balanced?
I like the idea of the Tobin Tax. In a simple explanation this is a tax on all currency trades. Also I do not believe that people will stop inventing or investing because of a higher tax. Furthermore a rebalance does not take away money from the system so the argument that there will be less of it is a false argument.
Anyone interested in a differing view point on economics might enjoy this link, I would think most reading this would have seen it though ;
“In this feature-length documentary, Marilyn Waring demystifies the language of economics by defining it as a value system in which all goods and activities are related only to their monetary value”.
The world of trade and commerce has changed over the centuries and will continue to change. We are now in a stage where the mentality is aware of such. We may not make any significant moves in the next decade or so but each step is just as important. One statement that the Prime Minister of Canada made I felt was very well made, (and I really do not care for this PM), “The developed nations are complacent with their wealth, believing that they will always have it no matter what.” I have had that thought in my mind for years in terms of our complacency with peace. With peace comes a strong economic environment. Rarely does it take place the other way around. However peace can be lost due to a very weak economic environment.
A very weak economic outlook was the starting point of the Jasmine Revolution, which sparked the Arab Spring. In those events we are making change to the governing systems. The 99% are now being heard. This is a stage to grab hold of to achieve a more balanced economic environment.
The Soviet Union made their change in the late 80’s. They had seen what the rest of us did not see until the late 2000’s. That was not an easy transformation for Russia and they are still in the process of that change. Russia has made some great steps and they have more work as the current election process is showing us. Just think of how the rest of the world will deal with such a change.

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