Monday, January 2, 2012

Use of force

Being a person that is known as a peace worker, because I am, often I get cornered into arguments about the use of force.  Well again that was the case last night. 
The use of force is one that I do wish we never had to use but as I have mentioned many times, we must deal with insanity.  The golden rule is a game theory strategy; treat another as you would wish to be treated yourself.  No one wants to be violently tortured to the point where death is near.  No one wants to be controlled to the point where the personal choice and life are meaningless.  Yet we live in a world where these situations are true for millions of people at this very moment.
In addition I got cornered in my statements concerning the RUSA, which on the surface seems to be a deep hatred for the RUSA.  In truth, it is the hypocrisy that truly infuriates me.  A country born out of the desire for democracy, rule of law, freedom and individuality has stepped on and crushed those very founding ideas time and time again.  For example, the constitution of the RUSA has provisions that every individual has the right to defend themselves.  The people even “fixed” the constitution by amending to include the right to use weapons in that defence.  Now if we are to expand into the scale of international politics, every country should be able to defend themselves with the use of weapons, which would include nuclear weapons.  However that is not the case.  Any country that the RUSA has threatened with violent military action does not have the right (so believes the RUSA) to defend itself using equal force.  Using that analogy, the RUSA doesn’t believe their constitution as a document for world peace.
I honestly believe that the experiment in which the founding people of the RUSA began is great and worth protecting.  However, I also believe that the past 60 years of ideology in the RUSA has been more harmful than it has helped.  I wish them all the best to get back on course because the RUSA can be a more positive factor in the world.

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