Sunday, January 22, 2012


We all know that countries spy on each other. It is all part of the silly game we play. Not only do countries do this but most individuals do it as well. We have all held secrets and traded in rumours between friends.
Recently Canada and Russia have dealt with the issue of espionage. As this played out I recalled a line that was made by the Russian Prime Minister in 2006 “Why expel them? They will only be replaced with others and those may be smarter”.  That comment related to British spies yet the overall ideology is very true. The comment acknowledged the reality of espionage tactics which have been employed for thousands of years.
This world is far from perfect and due to that, trust is almost a non-factor when dealing with another country.  As a Canadian the countries that I trust the least are the one we share borders with, our neighbours. It is a sad point of life but that is the reality. Due to the fact that most of our neighbours have constantly threatened, pushed, trespassed, stole, lied, cheated and outright pointed guns at us. What else is there to do in such a situation when your neighbours act in such a manner? Clearly we do not live in a state of sanity. So we spy because we can not trust anyone and the cycle moves on.
As I write this I am reminded of one diplomat telling me that “You should not be so much of a dove and more of a hawk. The world is about power. Who has will use it to stay on top even if they have to kill every last one of us”. If that is true we are in for a giant sized serving of hell in the near future.
I live in a reality where Canada can fall into complete chaos. I know that we are capable of engaging in a violent civil war as much as we are capable of being a peaceful country as we are now. As I discuss that point with others, they (who describe themselves as hawks) often laugh at me. That pleases me yet it also shows how ignorant they are as to the fragility of peace.
How close is Russia to losing control of the peace during these electoral times? How close is the RUSA to falling apart? Britain is facing drastic changes in the coming years with the separation of Ireland and Scotland.  Belgium has no government due to a breakdown in relations. Countries that border the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean are quickly building/replacing marine forces to protect and fight for oil reserves.  The Arctic Ocean is going through a stampede of international challenges. Each of these situations have spies working to gather information. Not only government spies, corporations also engage in such tactics.
Sitting at my desk I know that all my neighbours are doing everything they can to spy on me. The level of trust and common good is just not allowed because we would be stupid to think other wise. No matter how much we wish for such a world to exist do you really trust the permanent five members of the security council to act so peacefully?  The reality of that is so ironic. The countries that are there to uphold the peace are the ones that do the most to destroy it. 

We get so embroiled in the mindset that "the other" is evil and can not be trusted.  Partly because it is true. The moment any agreement is signed we look for loop holes, we seek to find methods to destroy it. We have made an entire profession of deconstructive thought so that we can rip apart anything.  We even give this destructive thought clever monickers such as, critical thinking, constructive criticism, risk management, etc.

It all comes down to the fact that wars can and do happen. However I do know that wars can be averted if you and others are intelligent enough.  So far we are not so blessed with such intelligence or compassion. Thus we spy.

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