Monday, January 2, 2012


There are few elements of such importance when building a solid relationship as trust.  Trust relates to being dependable,  predictable and honest.  In an environment where you are unsure of what the future brings, no clear vision of how to even start to improve on your situation, such a state is chaos.  Trust in yourself is the first thing that needs to be built up when chaos rules.

At this moment think of all the people or governments that you do not trust and ask why.  Now ask yourself how are you going to live with that reality so you can have trust in them?  Often it leaves you with the reality that you trust that person or country to be untrustworthy or insane.  This is where the old wisdom of "keeping your enemies closer than your friends" comes into play.  The reason for that is because you trust your friends.

Beware of the trap of having enemies at your door for too long.  Doing so, you will eventually forget your friends and become paranoid of all that surrounds you.  However most of us never have to worry about such dangers.


Trust is the degree of acceptance of something, it is total commitment, and it is having faith and confidence in something. 

 Trust depends on

·         Experience with somebody

·         Background-knowledge about somebody

·         Behavior and character of a person

·         Integrity and social status

·         Religion

·         Culture and

·         Relationship with the person

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