Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Building our future

To achieve the goal of peace each of us has to take a leap of faith. First that leap is made on a personal level and then expanded. Taking the issue of Syria to heart the first leap of faith is to stop killing each other. To do this we must recall that each act of violence is the catalyst for others to act violently and the spiral of violence begins. Syria is just one more example of this reality. The entire situation we have today was sparked by a single shot and no one knows for sure who fired that first shot.
We must now understand that Syria has been an international breakdown of peace for a long time. Foreign countries have been supplying weapons. Iraq, Turkey and Israel have allowed troops to move across borders. There has been ample evidence that Israel and Turkey have crossed borders to engage Syria in combat. At some point there has to be an iron fist of international control put upon this entire region. Enough blood has been spilled with little success of peace being achieved. Lost in all of the excuses given as to why such escalation is necessary is that each excuse only provides more fuel of hatred against those that make excuses.
The world leaders are doing more damage as they allow the violence in Syria to continue and escalate. We (and I share the blame as well) have failed the people of Syria. Now the task of rebuilding is growing ever more difficult as we must reverse the damage being done to the minds and spirits of the children. Children are being taught to hate, to fear, to be violent and to be negative in mind. Some of these children may never be able to live peaceful lives. Due to that we are looking at another Palestine/Israel situation.
We already have Iraq ripped apart, Afghanistan is also heading back to chaos and now we have the chaos building in Syria. Why has this reality come to us in the past fifteen years? The truth is that we have we have put more efforts into killing each other than being peaceful.
I know that many will condemn the words I write saying that I live in a world of dreams. Well I do not, I live in a world of violence and death created by those that use my dreams as a foundation for acting violently. To end the chaos we must work to rebuild peace by recalling how people in Syria lived just four years ago, how they are living today and then project how they want to be living five years from now.
Taking the understanding of how life will be in a peaceful world, we can only achieve that if we start acting in that manner today. However, there is very little courage or desire to live in that manner by leaders in the Middle East.

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