Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Iran to chair UN Disarmament conference

Selection of Iran as the Chair of the United Nations Disarmament conference has been met with some strong opposition. What is laughable is the opposition voiced by the Republic of the United States. Here is a country that has illegally invaded countries, illegally transported, detained and prosecuted untold numbers of people, is currently supplying terrorist organization in Syria and has turned Iraq into a complete mess. With all of that I have to wonder, how in all that is sane do they feel justified in condemning anyone?
This is the type of hypocrisy that must end if we are to live in a peaceful world. The amount of frustration that is felt across the world in the face of such ignorance is understandable. Let us not forget the acts of George W. Bush as he tore up the Non-proliferation contract. How can anyone believe a vision of a just world when this is the type of leadership being provided?
We must also take note that the Republic of the United States is one of the strongest oppositions to the control of small arms and light weapons. The reason for such opposition is due the understanding that they are not subject to international law. Although they fully believe every other country should be.
Going another step further, there is little belief that the constitution for the Republic of the United States is a solid framework for international peace. If that belief were there then the right to defend would allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. After all Iran has been given notice that they will be attacked on many occasions.
As far as I can understand Iran is not a model country however, the Republic of the United States is no model for disarmament either. Even children in a school yard show more peaceful intelligence than what we receive from the leaders of the world.

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