Sunday, May 12, 2013

No trust in any side of Syrian war.

The recent reports of the Syrian war reaching into Turkey, the use of chemical weapons and Israel ignoring international law are examples of the garbage leadership we have in the world today. Also, not one bit of the intelligence reports can be trusted because those that are providing the reports have supported the rebels.
The average person is who I feel for. Those in the government of the surrounding countries I have difficulty to feel sympathetic because they are the ones that allowed weapons, equipment and people to pour into Syria. How these governments can ask the world to step up and end this idiocy is one giant hypocritical moment. The reality of this situation is that Syria was a great deal more peacefully three years ago than it is today.
With that honest reality it is difficult to believe the reports submitted by the opposition and the rebels. Their entire purpose is to take down the current government any way it can. Lies are just one more weapon. Planting bombs, using chemical weapons and blaming Assad is another tactic. As such information comes to the world, we must understand the source and the purpose of such reports.
Here we are, watching Syria slowly being destroyed. There are a few ways this war end and one of them is for the international community to stop supporting the rebels. Another is one that I would rather see, which is a total ban on all weapons going into Syria. Moreover, I would love to see a regional ban on all weapons enforced by the largest United Nations Peace force ever assembled.
Of course none of those are likely to happen. What will happen though is the violence in Syria will rage on for another five years at least. More condemnation will be heaped upon the Syrian government. The rebels will be sprinkled with a few warnings but largely given a free hand to act with impunity. Basically we are going to get more of the same as we have gotten in the past year or so.
This reality is the most frustrating part of a peace workers reality. The solutions to end this garbage in Syria are there, the knowledge and expertise are there, the only thing missing is the political will to act. This is why we get the calls for the Republic of the United States because we all know that nothing will be done. Just look at the situation between Israel and Palestine, nothing but further violence has been accomplished since 1945.
The solution is easy, implementing the solution is difficult and unending. The irony is that part of the solution was put to the people on 26 Feb 2012. That referendum was not able to be implemented because the rebels quickly increased violence (killing people). Assad is known to be a violent person as are those around him and the governments of the countries surrounding Syria. In such a situation a total weapons ban needs to be implemented for the safety of all people.

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