Monday, May 13, 2013

Complexity should not halt peace

Syria is a complex situation that has thousands of years of hostility woven into it. Ultimately the complexity comes down to simple human inflexibility. The inflexibility of our minds to see other options is worsened by seeking revenge.  This inflexibility provides that we kill others rather than work with others to stop the spread of violence within our society.
Building a peaceful world has very simple ideology to follow. Each of us wants to live in a world that is secure from the pain of violence, hatred and suffering. This ideology is the foundation of every society, religion, country and friendship that we all strive to obtain.  
As each of us moves through life we understand that at some point we are going to get hurt. Broken promises, failed relationships and selfish acts all take part in day to day life. Most of us have gone through these events which feel as though your heart has been torn apart. To live in a peaceful world we work as hard as we can to limit such events.
Here we are, with all the ability to be peaceful, yet we allow situations such as Syria to take place, why? First we get caught up in the complexity of the solution and that halts most efforts for peace. Complexity is only word that describes how tangled life is, which will never end. Complexity describes how a group of people can rationalize killing people in order to achieve a peaceful world. Complexity rationalizes human trafficking, child soldiers, suicide bombers, slave labour, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. Where the major problem rests is when we use complexity as an excuse to engage further in such acts.  
As the violence in conflict expands, the need for an end becomes so great that there is nothing more we can do but stop it. Obviously we have not met that point in Syria. There is a great deal more violence the world can tolerate. What is lost in that understanding is that the solution will be no easier implemented today or tomorrow than it would have been two years ago. Two years ago we were given all the reasons why we could not stop the violence in Syria and those realities still exist. Of course some of those reasons, such as sovereignty have been broken.
The entire situation is one major frustration because the solution will remain the same today as it was two years ago and will be so ten years from now.

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