Monday, May 6, 2013

Syrian war escalated

The recent bombings by Israel on targets inside Syria are a clear violation of international law. Syria is within its right to fight back but there is very little that can be done. In fact, fighting back would only worsen the situation for Syria.
Israel may have acted so because it would not face any reprisals. Further to that I wonder why everyone thinks that the Republic of the United States of America (RUSA)can solve the Syrian war?  There has been little evidence of success for peace talks in any region of the world lead by RUSA. RUSA has been leading the talks between Israel and Palestine for how long and it has only worsened. With that reality, why does anyone think Syria will be any different?
There is also the issue of the chemical weapons. Who used these is a guess at best. The rebels can not be trusted, the current government can not be trusted, the neighbouring countries can not be trusted. The media is too easily manipulated other than to understand that such weapons have been used. Supporting the rebels has been a total waste of life, time, money and has only increased the violence.
The support Russia has given Syria is exactly what RUSA is doing in Bahrain so why is there such hostility in this situation? This is the hypocrisy that needs to end.
 The best solution is to uphold a complete ban on all weapons in the region. That should be carried out and enforced by the United Nations. Of course that is too much sense and it would work. It is better to slowly kill everyone as we are doing now.
What we are witnessing here is the need for each of us to demand better leaders. Our leaders are a reflection of us. This is why the Occupy movement took place. We are on the cusp of bringing a peaceful future to the world. Do we have the courage to do so?
Syria is an example of how easily we turn to violence to solve problems. Even in the face of unending violence we carry on using and escalating violence. The irony here is that we turn to violence to achieve peace. When peaceful options are presented such avenues are pushed aside as weak and unrealistic. Further irony is shown when religion is part of the violent struggle.
The world is clearly insane yet each of us are caring, rational, peaceful people. It seems as though the sane majority is being lead by the irrational minority. This balance is our struggle. How do we tip the scales so that another Syria does not happen?

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