Monday, February 13, 2012

The economic situation in Greece.

The economic situation in Greece.
At what point does it sink in with the people of Greece that rioting will not solve the situation. The situation is dire indeed but the people of Greece must understand that they are part of the problem. I guess everyone forgot the labour strike that put the cost of the Olympics games out of reach.
That labour strike has a direct impact on the economic situation today in Greece. Even more astounding is the fact that the rest of Europe has bailed out Greece, the thanks they get (Germany in particular)is more pressure to give even more money. To me, the actions of the Greek people resembles a temper tantrum of spoiled children.
The riots are founded on the tough measures the government has to make. The people are yelling that the government is poorly managing the country. It is these situations where frustration is so raw that peace is hard to maintain. It is true that money has been misspent. However, what is not being made clear is that the average person in Greece has demanded the government continue to pay for salaries that were out of reach. The people are just as much to blame for this as the politicians and the grand example is the labour strikes just before the Olympics.
This is another example of fingers pointing to every possible place other than the self to lay blame. Being a peaceful person means owning up to your part of the mess and working to solve it. Burning buildings, throwing rocks destroying your own city only makes matters worse. At this particular moment the cycle of violence will continue in Greece.
The term “tough love” may have to be used in this case. The world needs to stand up and tell the people of Greece, not the government, the people of Greece that no more bailouts are coming. Germany has given all it can and that well is dry. If the people of Greece want to completely destroy their own country well that is their choice and they can clean it up too.
Abject stupidity is a dance that no one can be saved from once it has begun and the people of Greece are well on their way to the dance floor. This is the root of frustration because the outside world can see the dance unfold. Yet the warnings are falling on deaf ears. I can not think of one riot that helped the economy- at all. Oh wait, I guess World War Two did end the Great Depression. But really, is killing people a path to economic prosperity?
Not sure if anyone is concerned with the amount of instability which currently rings the Mediterranean Sea, I am. I know how fast peace can be lost. At the moment, there is a great deal of unrest in that region which we have not seen since World War Two. However, the confidence of the world that nothing will engulf that region in total chaos is a pleasant point to hold on to.
The people of Greece have to shoulder some of the responsibility to solve the economic situation in their country. Rioting is a poor method of doing that.

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