Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going to hell in Syria

Anyone shocked at what is taking place is Syria has not paid attention.  Perhaps shock is not the reaction as it may be more disgust. All in know for sure is that more people will die as the world drags its feet to sort out a solution. Again the leaders of the world will argue as to what should be done and under what terms. The arguing will most likely end up with the allowance of an international observer force to go into Syria.
An observer force is a good step and it is a step but really, an observer force? What that amounts to is a person standing with a clip board writing down that they just witnessed someone being killed. For example the United Nations Peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo is an observer force. They have been there off and on since 1956 and they have been yelling since day one that the observer mandate is almost useless. Sending in an observer force is more a lack of leadership than anything.
What is taking place in Syria reminds me of Vedran Smailović - the Sarajevo Cellist. This is a man that I have not thought of for some time and really he is a symbol of peace during a time of absolute hell. His story has been wildly expanded but the truth is that he did play his cello in the ruins of the city despite the threat of being shot.
No one should be shocked to hear that foreign assistance is getting in to arm either the government or the citizens. As with any uprising there are factions that fight just to cause chaos. Syria has enemies and no doubt they are in there fighting. With that it looks as though a civil war will breakout before June if nothing is done.
From what I have read, Russia has given notice that there will be international force coming soon if the situation is not calmed down. Even if an observer force is sent in, I would have to say that civil war would still breakout. I really hope I am wrong and a further slip into chaos is prevented.
It is really astounding that an area of such political, religious and economic importance lives in a constant state of upheaval. How long has it been since there was no war in that region? Add to that the complete and utter failure of the permanent five members of the United Nations Security council to solve anything. As a security group they should not be allowed to watch over school kids in a sand box.

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