Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today is referendum day in Syria. 26 Feb 2012

Today is referendum day in Syria.
I am still wondering how such an undertaking can be anywhere near fully independent and free of tampering in this atmosphere. No matter though, the process sometimes is more important than the outcome and this is one of those moments.
It is possible that this vote is a sham, understood. However, even a sham has some truth in it otherwise no one would fall for it. The important question concerns the benefit of a multiparty system. Basically the people need to have options when choosing/voting. Sounds stupid but if there is no choice why even have a process to vote?
I live in Canada and I am disgusted with the tactics the west are using in Syria. For one, the confirmed reports of Al-Qaeda being armed by the west is below ridiculous and worse than frustrating. Bringing weapons into this situation is about the most stupid tactic that could have been made. Sarcasm would say, carpet bombing the country would be a better tactic. The hypocrisy of the west is simply, disgusting.
The best part of all is that peace is always possible. For that to happen the United Nations Security Council has to act as one. The division within this world body is negligent and should be reprimanded for dereliction of duty. If the permanent Five members and Syria can not come to a unified plan, this world is in big trouble.  There is no reason why Syria should be experiencing this level of violence this long.
All in all we need better leaders. This cycle of violence is a waste of time and completely manageable, better managed than it is now.
Well we have the Russian elections coming up, let us watch the issue of Syria be debated – if at at.
if you are intersted in my plan to deal with Syria I have written such a plan in many of the past articles, here are a few posting dates  2/9/12, 1/17/12,  9/27/11

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