Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Global peace efforts

For quite some time there has been a discussion around the need for a Rapid Reaction Peace Stabilizing Force. The idea is that there would be a standing force of well trained military personnel for a six month rotation. This idea was put into action with the creation of SHIRBRIG in 1996. On 30 June 2009 this force was closed. What has not stopped is the very urgent need for a force such as SHIRBRIG.
The downfall of that force was that it sought legitimacy from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)as an operational united force. The five permanent members are not interested in unity as is evident in the case of Syria. Rarely do you see all five members working on the same mission. If they do it would be at a very low level.
Now I am not a person that likes to talk about what should have happened, history is not changeable. However it leaves a person to wonder how fast the situation in Syria could have been returned to a state of peaceful unease instead of what we are going through now. Such a force would not stop the people from protesting nor would it stop all of the killing, but it would have greatly reduced such events.
If you care to look at the components of the SHIRBRIG force you will see that the member states are those that top the list of most peaceful countries. That in its self was a show of legitimacy. The five permanent members could not deal with a force with more credibility than their own. So after some great success the powers that be crushed the best avenue the world had to ensure violent confrontations such as Syria were dealt with effectively.
So here we are trying to solve a chaotic situation using a system that itself is not an example of peaceful co-existence. The frustration that this creates only digs each country in deeper as they point fingers at each other in blame.
The entire system is in such a state because of fear and mistrust. Now for me I do not fear any other but I sure as hell would not trust most of the permanent five members. Mainly due to the fact that they continually threaten the sovereignty of my country, for no reason other than they feel they can so they do. We are surrounded by assholes with major insecurity paranoia.  

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