Monday, February 20, 2012

No sympathy for stupidity

At what point does it sink in that firing bullets and missiles solve very little? As I woke up this morning to read the news the first headline informs me that Israel has to be urged to not bomb Iran. How stupid is the leadership in Israel to even think shooting at Iran is a good option?
Honestly, can the world grow some courage and disarm the entire area known as the Middle East, now.  But I have to be realistic here. The world would rather see bodies stack up than have to listen to the complaining as the countries are disarmed.
In another point of thought, which is quite contrary to all of my beliefs, if Israel is that stupid let them fire away. In tandem with that action, every other country should withdraw all military support to both sides and let the shit hit the fan. Sometimes a person has to get beat to near death before the light of reason sinks into the brain. Tough love is what they call it.
If you want to go and get your head kicked in that is your choice, personally I see no need for even thinking that is an option. At what cost do you think it will take to win? Do you even know what winning looks like? Are you seriously prepared to send the world to the brink of hell because you are too stupid to work harder at peace?
Another point must be made clear.  Do not even bother telling me about some bullshit injustice that happened two thousand years ago or even five months ago because each side is just as full of horse shit as the other. You want to cry about such injustices, go ahead. While you are at it just understand that you are creating more of the same each day with your insanity. ASSHOLES!!!
As long as this mentality of shooting each other is in our minds peace will never be possible. It is that simple. Just to be a selfish prick here, if you want to fight to the death go ahead, I can sit on the sidelines and watch. I know that in all truthfulness, my daily life will not change one bit. Blow off as many nuclear weapons as you wish. The fallout will only equal what France has done in the South Pacific, so in thirty years the area will be well on its way to repair and hopefully the idiots will be gone as well.
You get no sympathy from me if you choose to engage in a fight when all the world tells you it is the most stupid move you can make.

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