Saturday, February 4, 2012

Syria and United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Down goes a resolution from the UNSC that deals with Syria. Now the blame for who killed it goes around. Both China and Russia did vote no on the resolution so they are the ones that will take the brunt of the blame. However as such things go, why table a resolution that was doomed before the vote was taken?
As the news reports come out we are hearing the reasons for the failure is premised upon the yes side seeking to blame the government of Syria and the no side seeking to blame everyone. Another reason is the yes side wanted to enforce a regime change and the no side wanted that to be left out as it is a decision of the people, not outsiders. There it is. The entire reason more people will die in Syria because the UNSC can not decide who to blame and support the government to step down.
This may sound harsh but I do agree with Russia and China that the UNSC should not enforce the government to step down. Now before you get all indignant, realize that sovereignty is a crucial element of being. Also realize that just because that point is not in the resolution does not mean it will not happen. Furthermore, the entire point of regime change is not possible at the moment considering the fact that the country is heading towards collapse.
At best, international politics is not an easy situation to grasp. People die and that is a fact, which I would rather not have happen. However, in the reality of international politics sovereignty matters. The two countries that have continued to uphold that are Russia and China, at the peril of many lives lost.
In my view I would not care who is to blame or what the future holds, the only concern is to stop the killing, return of peace and allow the Syrian people to figure out what to do next.
If the countries of the UNSC who voted yes cared about those that are killed they would not bother with who to blame. If the countries that voted no cared they would see that the current government in Syria at the very least, needs to be shaken up. The diplomats of the UNSC once again dug their heels in to show more care for their own politics than the lives of civilians.
Now, to be a bit of an ideologist here, this lack of concern for lives is in contrast to the very constitution of the United Nations and it spits in the face of the Responsibility to Protect.
What will happen now? More people will die, more weapons will flow into Syria, More rhetoric and words will spill out in the media as fingers point to blame.
What should happen? Someone should take all five permanent members of the UNSC outside, tie them to any peace  monument and give them a good smash upside the head, in hopes that some sense will go in.
These are the leaders we have. What a bunch of knobs.

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