Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A way Out

Life is fraught with challenges and chaos. During such times it can be difficult to see purpose or as most people ask “a way out”. Now for all the peace and knowledge I have, it is a reality that there is a different route for each person to find that way out. However, we are all human and there are some commonalities that occur.
For me, the way out is to find what my heart and mind understand as good. Doing this allows me to laugh easier, smile more and take the many hits that life will throw at any time. Sometimes the good is not easy to see and I have questioned if it is there. Just because I do not understand does not mean good is absent. All it means is, I need to look further or the search has no meaning to me.
Knowing when to stop searching is a vital component to life. In life there is death and death is not as ugly as we make it out to be. How death arrives can be very ugly. A marriage going through a divorce is one of the ugliest deaths two people can go through. A country separating, governments falling and banking systems collapsing are all deaths that we go through.
In each case peace will be put to the test. In a marriage there can be the moments of infidelity. In the other cases there are moments of oppression and constraint. With each case there is a loss of trust between or amongst people involved. We often ask ourselves, “What is the purpose of this relationship?” “Why does this have to be so difficult?”
The purpose and the difficulty are entangled together in the same answer. The answer is we are alive and it is our choice. Now the answer goes a great deal deeper because we have limits within ourselves but at the very first step we must deal with reality.
We are alive and it is our choice to care. What you care about will always bring difficulties. These difficulties are steps and with each step you will encounter more difficulties. In the run of life you will misjudge a number of times, perhaps fight challenges where you should not have, let go of things that you should have kept, but these are all part of life. In life you will make mistakes, you just hope your friends really know who you are and can see that in their heart.
Sometimes that is not possible and life just got more difficult as you deal with the pain of mistrust. In these times it is often when a person needs new information. If no new information is obtained, that person will use the same knowledge to get through the difficulties as they have in the past. Doing the same things is getting back on the hamster wheel with no real progress. For example, a broken marriage may lead a person to have an affair, protests lead a government to shoot its own people, ailing banks to close on loans, corporations to cut jobs and a host of other typical acts.  None of these acts are all the helpful as they often do more damage and make matters worse. However they are popular methods of dealing with difficulties as we seek a way out.
As we seek a way out, the source of the challenge holds many answers.

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