Monday, February 6, 2012


Wow, not even ten minutes after I sent my last article in I got lambasted in an email asking, “What would you have us do, join the army and go to war? So much for being a peaceful person - asshole”.  I got a good laugh out of that, so I have to respond.
My answer is rooted in many of the articles I submitted, such as duality of responsibility, peaceful transformation, emotional control, society and the individual, where to draw the line and others. Within those I speak to the elements of understanding, learning and changing.

The answer speaks to the choices of responsibility and taking that responsibility seriously. There are a great many ways to change how we are progressing as a society. For starters get news from more than one source and not the mainstream news. Community newpapers are wonderful and usually free. If you live near a college or university all the better because there is usually an abundance of current information just waiting to be read.

Now after you have gone through all the reading and informing yourself you may have settled on a few issues that really concern you.  That is great because now you know where your heart leads you to help. Pick your issue and work to change that. Now you do not have to become the crazed protester if you do not wish to. Working behind the scene is just as effective if not more so.  A few letters of inquiry here and there, a few dollars there do make an impact. I am sure most of you have some sort of social networking avenue to exploit, use it.

For those that live in major cities you can drive less. Walk for a change it will do you more good. For those that play video games, STOP, get the hell out side and play.  Wear proper clothing in the winter, seriously it helps.

Here is one I would love to see, turn off the dam air conditioner, 25 celcius is not that hot. Here in Canada it is a common experience to walk into a home in the winter that is heated to 27 celcius and in the summer that very same house is cooled to 15 celcius. Really, what a wasteful society.

Demand products that are built to last and/or can be fixed. For example a wahsing machine, dryer or most appliances will only last ten years if you are lucky, it is usually thrown out and a new one purchased. Same as computers and other electronics. The automobile industry is terrible for this. A car starts to fall apart after five years. We have to demand better products that last and can be repaired.

For the love of all that is peaceful, quit shoving technology down everyones throat as if others who do not use it have clubbed appendages, cholera, leporsy, small pox, bad breath, a hiar lip, and a two lazy eyes at the same time. Technology only gets you so far, the body, mind, heart and work gets the bulk of it done. Anyone care to challenge that should go work in a post conflict area where society is being rebuilt. The parts of life that are of the most important do not need technology.

Factory farming techniques, fast food, and mass produced food are more dangerous than most of us realize at the moment. We will be paying a huge price in the near future because of these tactics which support our "busy" life styles. Hell no one today is busier than the couple raising eight children in 1903. Slow down, speed kills.

The tone of this article is condescending and really all I want is to motivate and provide options. It is all about enjoying as many experiences you can in life anyway.  With that I understand everyone is doing what they believe is the best they can with the options they have. 

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