Monday, February 6, 2012

Where to get advice

An element of international politics I have always found a bit insane is the constant rhetoric coming from the military powers. It is always the mighty countries with the wisdom of effective governance. If you look at the list of countries that are the least corrupt you will find the top three being New Zealand, Denmark and Finland. The highest ranking of the permanent five members of the Security Council is the United Kingdom tied 16, RUSA  24, France 25, China 75 and Russia 143.

To me, if I were going to take advice on how to operate a country I would go with a group within the top ten. To be honest, I have no idea how the RUSA got to be as high as 24, seeing as it was that system that caused the economic collapse the world is in.

We can also look at the failed states index, . This index looks at the stability of a country. The top three are: Finland, Norway and Sweden. The permanent five are: France 16, United Kingdom 18, RUSA 20, Russia 96 and China 108. Again this information tells us that if you want to build a peaceful society, none of the permanent five members of the Security Council are in the top ten countries, so why seek advice from them?

So here we are. The world is in a real tough spot and for some reason we keep looking to the same idiots that created this mess to get us out of it. I am not sure who I am more disgusted with, the average person for the sheep like mentality or myself for feeling that way. The average person is just too busy to even notice any of this information because in reality most are not all that impacted by it.

Here in Canada life is very much the same as it was in 1975, sure there are a few more gadgets but really nothing much has changed. However life has changed for the people in China and Russia. Other wise the world has rolled along with barely any major shakeups. Even the shit show of Iraq, Afghanistan and the attacks on the RUSA have only resulted in a delay of a few minutes at the airport/borders for the average person.

At this very moment I can hear all the drama queens, “Oh my god. You have no idea what I have been through since 9/11, economic collapse, tsunamis, earthquake or swine flu.” Well lets put this into perspective by comparing life here in Canada in 1943 to what it is like now.

Food rationing and curfews were daily realities. During that year you had to save up sugar for a month just to bake a cake, same with eggs, butter, milk, chocolate, tea, coffee etc.. The lights in your house had to out at 8,9 or 10pm depending on where you lived. Now today has anyone been impacted anywhere near that, I would have to guess it is very unlikely.

So here we go along again with the five permanent members of the security council. They have a gun pointed at everyone. Most of us are too preoccupied with getting text messages and coffee to really care or they are too terrified to do know what to do. I can understand both situations and I can excuse the people that are terrified, I am as well. But for those that are too preoccupied to care, I am at a loss of words for them. Being a person that tries to be peaceful I know smacking them upside the head is not really an option either. Perhaps one of the permanent five will do that? Oh wait they already are, dammit, we are screwed.

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